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Tripping up — say, by ordering the plate of nachos at happy hour — is part of the journey. We all give in to the occasional indulgence. Where I’ve seen people go astray is to take that tiny slip and turn it into a massive binge.

But ask yourself: If you took the wrong turn while driving, would you keep going? No! Nor would your GPS shame you for going in the wrong direction. Instead, the GPS provides a gentle reminder to get back on track.

I am here to be that gentle reminder of why you chose to start this journey and provide you with the science-based, educational and behavioral approaches you need to support sustainable changes for healthy eating and to help prevent nutrition-related diseases.

We will begin by creating micro-habits, small steps to starting something new, until they are full- fledged daily habits.

I want YOU to define yourself because I believe one size does NOT fit all and the number on the scale doesn’t define YOU. I believe Katie H. Willcox, quotes it best as “Healthy is the New Skinny”, and I subscribe to this theory as well.

I am here to chat when you are ready. Contact me to set up a free initial consultation.

Next Steps...

I offer a 30-minute free phone consultation to determine if I can help you reach your goals.